Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Best outlook alternative, eM Client.

    I always wonder why everyone keeps trying to force feed us Thunderbird. After a few years in outlook you may hate the price but the interface is so familiar and everything is so easy to get at . Thunderbirds inteface is a mess . I love open source but just like gimp is int Photoshop so is Thunderbird not outlook so what to do .
  The options are either give in to Thunderbird or shut up and put up with pricy bloated Microsoft outlook . Took a while and finaly found an Outlook clone . The name is eM client this is a lightweiht client . The largest downside is that it takes like forever to install. But its lighter that outlook and when you are coming from outlook you can import the .pst data file or import the .pst file .
 The following is a chart comparing the two

 Most people dont seem to like thunderbird and I think it stems from the outlook experience that thunderbird just cannot compare.

 1. Outlook clone.
 2. There is a free version.
 3.  There aren't many limits to the free version.
 4. You can use Google, Yahoo easily.

 1.  For commercial use you have to use the Pro version.
 2.  The free version limits you to two accounts.
 3.  You need to register for the free key and then activate.

Other alternatives to Outlook and Thunderbird
1. Zimbra Desktop

2. Pegasus Mail


Joe D said...

I tried Zimbra and intially had good results. My biggest complaint is that its interface doesn't allow for very much personalization I really would like to change up the look other than the colors to fit my screen properly. Other than that about a year into using it I began having Gmail followed by my companies email issues I finally had to uninstall.

arthur kamande said...

I haven't tried Zimbra personally but so far only one machine I know of has issues with em-client. I think coming from an Outlook background it feels natural to use and even configure. What i liked most about it is its interface straight forward just like outlook 2007. Unlike Thunderbird whose icons and arrangement is appalling, i tried to customize it thinking it had installable skins but to no avail. Will try it out maybe it may just be as good .

arthur kamande said...

What do you mean "Gmail followed by my companies email issues". Your company needed you to use corporate email or what exactly?

lov said...

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hreddy said...

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