Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Top Ten Reasons Your Computer Hangs

1. Running out of ram: This is the main reason for computers to hang as it uses the hard disk to swap as extra memory. Using older software as new software causes more ram to be needed. Adding ram easily remedies this.

2. Bloated registry: every application you install on your computer adds data to your registry file. As an application searches for configuration data in registry it can cause hanging.

3. Faulty hard disk : Its usualy an over looked reason but a hard disk with faulty internals like corrupt sectors can slow your machine. It slow read write operations hanging your machine. Only a format and reinstall can remedy this or a replacement in extreme cases can remedy this.

4. Software errors and bugs : These can also freeze your computer. A reinstall or alternate application can remedy this issue.

5. Slow internet: This is only specific to Web Appliications. Due to they way they are made some apps freeze on usage. Try a faster modem or provider dude !

Top Ten Reasons Your Computer Hangs


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