Monday, 17 August 2015

I Yahooed it

Yahoo was once a fore runner of the internet with Yahoo search , Yahoo Mail, Yahoo directory.

It revolutionised the internet. We all now reap their past success. 

  Every one who goes online has an email address for free forever. All thanks to Yahoo.  They have aquired a large list of companies They survived the dot com bubble. It pioneered web commuter workers. Who wouldnt love to work at home and get a pay check still.

But now their webmail interface is the slowest. Their searches lag way behind Google in a shameful way.They dont headline any news. But that was before Microsoft made a merger deal with the conglomerate. Now we await a real change in strategy in its ways event though it had some issues.

With imput from Microsoft we expect more enovation from Yahoo to take up its rightfull place in IT as we have since time imemorial . They need to up their game or rather get back to the game. Tech companies are all about inovation and lack of which can leave a company without its head. The take over by Microsoft was inevitable. Now the question is what will Microsoft do with Yahoo they already own a rival search engine. They made a search deal for sharing I guess only time will tell how this will change Yahoo .

We can finaly go back to Yahoo Search and Yahoo IT!

Arthur From A Solution :-)

I Yahooed it


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