Monday, 24 August 2015

Facebook has lasted longer than Alexander the Great's Empire

The greatest Macedonian o, a man so great, he literally made the word part of his name? Alexander the Great came to the throne in 336 BC and immediately set off on a campaign of conquest. He held control of Greece, sacked Persia, claimed Egypt, and seized territory as far away as modern India. Yet it was all for nothing. From its tentative first moments to its final, dying breath, Alexander’s empire lasted less than a decade. By the standards of the time, this was spectacularly poor. The Roman and Mauryan Empires all started around the same time and lasted centuries. The trouble was that Alexander made no contingency plan in case of his death. When he died from a fever in 323 BC, his generals had no interest in cooperating to secure their new borders. Instead, they divided the land among themselves, fell to war, and shattered the empire beyond repair. All told, the full empire lasted only from 325–319 BC, a mere six years. For comparison, we’ve had Facebook almost double that time.

Facebook has lasted longer than Alexander the Great's Empire


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