Thursday, 20 August 2015

#moless Kenyan Social Media Craze

We only recently got stung by the social media bug. Kenya only recently got social media crazy. Its has been building up over time with Facebook but now its like a flood of social media craze with all age groups participating and not just the youths.  With the advent of what’s app platform , Twitter and the ease of anonymity on Facebook. We have all been overwhelmed by social media. Kenyans post every single thought that passes through their minds. With little or no care on the repercussion of their online actions. It’s becoming a social media crazed society.

Cheaper internet and cheap internet enabled Chinese phones. Have all contributed to a wave in our country where personal thoughts and deeds are not personal anymore. They can be shared at the click of a submit button.

The last two weeks saw the viral spread of an audio sex tape . With a protagonist “Moless” having his way with a less tech savvy girl. The posts , sends , tweets and downloads for the file filled the internet. As expected our government,  which at times treats the internet as a foreign animal, was quiet . Only some rights organizations voicing concerns.

We as a country need to really reevaluate our values and social standards. Ok if this can’t be done I bet better policing and legislation to curb wayward internet users could enable our minds to converse on the internet the same way we converse, as normal humans and not like we are hackers trying to share secrets of their minds all over the internet over a bulletin board  . We would hate to have a viral share like the Charlie Charlie game , that went viral over social media and had American parents worried over its spread and popularity. I won’t share much on it but creepy stuff on the internet.


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#moless Kenyan Social Media Craze


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