Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Death to drunk driving

  Google the technological giant has been working on a driverless car that will save people from the scurge of drunk drivers.

The Google driverless cars have been in testing for over 2 years. Legistation was passed in some states in the US to allow testing the cars in their roads with a driver having to still behind the wheel just incase they need to take over control from the computer. Google says this is just a formality and the cars don’t require intervention . So we await for the day they are finaly in production and they roam free in every street in every city.

Cars have been automating continously . Now cars relly heavily on technology to control most of its systems. It has sensors for everything from automatic bracking to controling the firing order of spark plugs in the engine.

Automation on the highway is only logical. All cars should be an automated electric driven robot. They say it should be cheaper to have cars drive themselves . In terms of lives saved due to drunk drivers and human error i agree whole heartedly. Pioneers in developing electric cars Tesla motors have developed the model S a fully eletric car. That can speed charge to full in under an hour, which is truely inovative, have promised to have a fully autonomous production model in the next ten years . It seems like a long way off but testing is paramount to have a system that is not fully dependent of predefined maps and can react to a myrid of situations. Car to car communication is being developed and the internet of things offers great hope in this endevor. We will have inteligent cars that can be summoned by the click of an app. Recharge at any nearby charging station by themselves. Collect the kids from school the drop them at home . Collect us from work. Avail themselves for service when we don’t need the during the day. Make us some money via Uber for their own keep.

All the major car manufacturers from BMW , GM , Nissan, Audi and Toyota have jumped into the band wagon and now it seems like it will be a reality. Not just Google’s pipe dream. We will all have an awsome device that understands the road just like mobile phones were just a dream in the 70’s. Cant wait to vroom…vroom…..

Arthur From A Solution :-)

Death to drunk driving


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