Monday, 17 August 2015

Free Windows 10 upgrade

“Why you should upgrate”

 Windows 10 offers a rethinking of Microsoft’s strategy in both design of their flagship operating system and marketing it. Windows 8 and

 Windows 8.1 were not a big hit as everyone was expecting. The loss of the start button has been its worst point . Also stabity and the apps and applications that switch back and forth doesn’t offer a good experience. Most people opted to stay with Windows 7.

 In comes Windows 10. I started testing it since January . It was less stable then but I like it and it offers the best experience for any computer user. The start button was restored and the tiles were joined into one and offers a great way work with the operating system. It’s faster than Windows 8 . Its interface is less confusing and it has a polished interface. Its the future of computing.

 The greatest thing is that the operating system is being offered as a free update. This offers you even more incentive to upgrade to Windows 10 . Its being offered as a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 machine. There should be an icon on your right side of the screen with a windows new icon . On clicking the icon you can reserve a Windows 10 upgrade. Go ahead and enjoy your new copy of Windows 10.

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Free Windows 10 upgrade


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