Tuesday, 9 April 2013

SMEs(Small and medium scale enterprises) in Kenya

     Doing business in Kenya is tough . The big shots have all the business and every idea you think of as innovative already has someone successfully filling that niche market . But small firms in Kenya are the way forward . IT in Kenya has infinite potential . With the devolution of the government it means that the Counties will need IT to collect taxes and to run the county governments . This means a boom in the need for IT  services . I have read about 3 year old companies having 50 million in assets . You cannot see that kind of growth in any other sector. This means the need is not perceived. The problem is there is innovation but the innovation is solutions that don't have any real world applications for now . But there are innovations that have real world applications and are impacting the future of the country.
   Innovation is the heart and soul of information technology and this is what we strive to provide to the market. It isn't a secret IT is the largest industry in the entire world , there is finance but even finance industry depends heavily on information systems to make accurate decisions and timely forecasts of the markets.I feel proud to be a part of the IT innovators in this country and hope to soon make my mark in this our country.
  SMEs have great potential in this country with an over educated unemployed youth . Small and medium scale enterprises can fill the gap that is left over by both the large corporates and the government as employers . The amount of talent that is around is allot we can also export our skills and bring in business from foreign countries . 


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